Call me a Stubborn Climate Optimist

Why? Because our planet needs us and because being optimistic is so much more fun – Come be optimistic with me!

Who Am I?

My name is Anne Therese and I’m a Swedish soul who just left New York behind and moved to San Fransisco. I’m passionate about many things but one thing is the engine behind everything I do – I want to do my best to help sustain the beauty of this planet.

I’m obsessed with life hacks, fashion, and new innovative designs that help us live more sustainable and compassionate lives. I prefer to focus on possibilities over problems and truly believe that by keeping faith and by constantly inspiring each other, we can go a long way.

Some other things that I guess define who I am is that I’m a sneakers girl that walks everwhere and nowhere, I’m allergic to electricity (true story – you can google it) and I’m also obsessed with coffee, red wine, and FOOD!

If you want to get to know me a little better I suggest you listen to my first ever podcast episode – 000: About Me.

What do I do?

Hey Change

I run my own podcast – Hey Change, Finding Happiness in New Realities – with the purpose to inspire you to live an awesome life and to encourage you to look at the world with a new set of eyes. Why? Because that way we can be open to new ways of living our lives and learn how to find ourselves in more loving and sustainable futures. In other words, I want to inspire you to embrace change! Go to PODCAST for all the episodes.

Role Models Management

Besides running this podcast I’m also the Co-Founder of Role Models Management – an Ethical Talent Agency on a mission to redefine what it’s like to be a model and to start a movement in the industry as a whole.  Learn more about the agency at

Model &Brand Ambassador

I love to work with brands that I believe in and to help them drive change within the sustainable and ethical world of beauty, health, and fashion. If you are a brand and want to work with me, please contact me by sending an email to

The Birth of Retruthing: A New Story

Wait a second… You’re telling me that I can actually make a difference, a positive impact for the future of this planet, by simply changing what I eat? Like, I actually have the power in my hands to help save this planet, right now?

After years of desperately trying to have my family recycle every piece of plastic, of turning the running faucets off for other people because “think of the children in Africa”, only to be stuck with the feeling that it’s too late, that people simply don’t care, I was hit by a string of light. I had just learned the impact of the food industry and how we can make a tremendous shift in the right direction by simply choosing what we eat, and for the first time in a long time, I felt uplifted. Eat differently? I can definitely do that!

I realized then that we’re not “doomed”, but that we have to keep communicating the right messages and bring awareness to the world. I’d learn the truth about the food industry because I had been curious to find out and from the knowledge I got, I was willing to take action. BUT, I had chosen it myself, which was important. Humankind is a difficult species and change doesn’t come easy, especially not if it’s been forced on you from someone else.

I realized this was key, because for you to change you have to want to change, so I decided to transform my entire style of operation. Assertiveness, not aggression. Educate and inspire, not preach. Be and do me with good vibes and intentions, and with the hope that others will follow.

I also took the freedom of creating a completely new word, which is “Retruthing”, and I believe that retruthing is the very core to finding happiness in new realities. 


(Re-truthing – i.e. redefining “truth”)


The willingness to questions what is, and to let go of ideas, thoughts, and perceptions as they have lived in our heads up until now, in order to create a sustainable and more compassionate future.

‘Retruthing’ refers to one’s ability to understand that things and circumstances always change and that it is our duty as human beings to adapt to the flow of change; to constantly find ourselves in new worlds, communities, and realities; new “truths”.

I believe in change

I’ve always been passionate about the health of both myself and others, as well as fighting for the wellbeing of the environment and every other beautiful creature on this earth In my eyes we’re all equal. And the more I can be a positive inspiration for others to think and feel the same, the happier I’ll be. But what really hit me lately is that the only thing I can do is keep pursuing my passion and speaking my truths and by doing so, by completely being the authentic person that I wish to be, the greater light I’ll be able to shed.

I believe in advertising and communication to educate the people of the importance of caring for our planet and future. I love how we have the ability to create such compelling and interactive messages that people stop, think and act. I believe in the power of brands and in working closely with companies to help them move the big rocks so that we in unison can work for a better future. It’s not a one man’s game, and it’s not an “easy” fix, but with the right spirit, energy and determination, we can make shit happen! My dream is to be able to fight every day to bring that awareness to the table, and to keep being a positive spirit in this world.

Xx, Anne Therese

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