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Episode 013: Ex-Model and Agency Owner Val Emanuel talks Body Image, Beauty Standards and Life as a Vegan Mom

Episode 013: Ex-Model and Agency Owner Val Emanuel talks Body Image, Beauty Standards and Life as a Vegan Mom June 14, 2017

Get to know the women behind Ethical Model Agency Role Models Management as I sit down and have the ultimate girl talk with my partner and Co-Founder Val Emanuel.

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Tune into today’s episode as I’m at the floor in Val’s house in Malibu, talking about body images, beauty standards and why we decided to start our very own agency. We will also dive into her life as a vegan mom and why she thinks it’s important to care for what we feed our kids. Val and I got introduced to each other in late 2016 and one month later we had started a business together – our very own Ethical Model & Talent Agency, Role Models Management.

Listen to find out what we’ve learned about ourselves and this world from being models in a very exploitive industry, how that has changed the relationship to our bodies and mental healths today, and why we think it’s important to empower models to be advocates for positive change!

About Val:

At the age of two, Val was scouted at a mall in Los Angeles, and has been working in the entertainment industry ever since. Her commercial credits include Nike, Old Navy and Target, and in 2015 after shooting Straight Outta Compton, she put her career on hold to finish her degree in Art History and take time for her family.Val has promoted environmental awareness, and animal activism since her early teens. In 2016 she graced billboards across America in the Let’s Recycle Right campaign. She and I connected late 2016, and one phone call was all it took for us to know that this journey of ours needed to begin. 


Val’s Retruth:

Being a vegan mom and raising a vegan child is awesome. People think that it’s bad for your child but it’s not, and both I and my daughter are living proof of that breastfeeding and raising a child on a plant-based diet is not only not bad, but in fact very healthy and beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Treat yourself and your child with respect and only accept good, cruelty-free and healthy foods.