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Episode 004: How can you take control over your future? Learn from futurologist Magnus Lundqvist

Episode 004: How can you take control over your future? Learn from futurologist Magnus Lundqvist May 17, 2017

“The biggest mistake is probably that they don’t, right? I mean, of our five senses, all of them are designed for the here and now (…) So it’s just very difficult to realize that things might be different and stranger in the future.”

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Why is “busyness” actually a kind of laziness and have we lost our pioneering spirit? How do millennials act on a home party with Justin Bieber without phones and, finally, why is it so important to be able to say no?  These are only a few of the things we cover in today’s episode with futurologist, author, and trendspotter Magnus Lindkvist, so I hope you’re ready to jump on board and take a tour into the future…

Magnus Lindkvist:

Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotting futurologist and author who weaves together important current trends to forecast what life, society, and business might look like in the future. He has given in excess of a thousand keynote speeches over the past decade to everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs and civil servants in the Middle East, to anyone looking to be inspired and enlightened by trendspotting and future-thinking.

As a writer, Magnus is driven by a relentless curiosity about our mental space where the outside world collides with the human brain. His recent book Manifesto (which was released in 2016) tells us why small ideas matter in the world of grand narratives.

He has won several awards for his ‘performances’ on stage and for his books, but perhaps the best acclaim ever given was from an HR director in the UK who said ‘Magnus Lindkvist is the best Swedish export since ABBA and meatballs.’

I had the honor of meeting with Magnus and hearing him speak at H&M’s Change Makers Lab in Stockholm early April this year, and it’s with pleasure I’m today introducing him as a guest on Hey Change


You can reach Magnus by personal email:

You find his books, among them Minifesto: Why Small Ideas Matter in a World of Grand Narratives (released in 2016), on Amazon:

Side note:

Book tips on the importance of learning how to say no: Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

EOFire Episode 1629 about being hijacked:

Magnus Retruth:

Zero-Sum-Games: Most things that are presented as zero-sum-games usually aren’t in the long term. These are thoughts like Us vs Them, Country X vs Country Y, running out of resources etc… Zero-sum-games: Winners vs Losers, is really a way of implanting anxiety into the world; a way of dominating other people. You should never accept somebody else’s zero-sum-thinking. Instead, you should alwayschallengee and force yourself question people with that mindset.

Love is not a zero-sum-game, which I’ve learned from own experiences. Thinking about love that way makes you envious, jealous, and bitter. There’s no end to how much you can give, love and compliment. You can help other people all the time without it hurting you in any way.

Accompanying Quote: 

“A candle looses nothing from lightning another candle. If anything it just get’s lighter in the room.”