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Episode 016: How to be Cool, Thoughtful & Fabulously Vintage – Life Lessons by Girl Boss and TedX Speaker Kerrin Smith

Episode 016: How to be Cool, Thoughtful & Fabulously Vintage – Life Lessons by Girl Boss and TedX Speaker Kerrin Smith July 5, 2017

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In today’s girl talk with life philosopher, TEDx Speaker and total babe Kerrin Smith – aka my soul sister K – we find ourselves comfortable on my floor in Brooklyn and talk about everything the Universe has brought to our attention right now. How do we react when we realize that we may not be as healthy as we thought? When is a habit becoming obsessive, and how can we change our ways of being in order to take care of ourselves in better ways?

We also discuss the meaning of the word empathy, and how it’s so different to rebel against something bad opposed to standing for something good, even though the underlying cause may be the same. Then, of course, Kerrin also shares her view on what it’s like to be cool and tells us how this mission of hers, a mission she calls CAT (Cool & Thoughtful), is the passion beyond her TEDx Talk, her digital presence, and her entire outlook on life.

Who’s Kerrin Smith?

Kerrin Smith is the founder COOL AND THOUGHTFUL™ and its predecessor CATiD LLC. She graduated summe cum laude from the Gallatin School for Individualized Study where she designed an alternative paradigm of economic growth for the fashion industry. Inspired by Bill McKibben’s “local economy,” John Kenneth Galbraith’s “conventional wisdom,” and Robert Farris Thompson’s study of itutu, the West African concept of “cool” as social balance, Kerrin created CATiD as a prototype of a smaller scale economy in the fashion industry. In 2014 she delivered a TEDx talk, The Local Economy of Fashion.

Kerrin lives in New York City. If you see a girl wearing white high top Vans laced with ribbons, that’s her. Say hello! She would love to meet you.

Instagram: @coolandthoughful


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Kerrin’s Retruth:

I’d like to redefine cool. Cool is pervasive, cool is everywhere. It’s in our lexicon, it’s in our advertising, it’s our ultimate aspiration. And when something is so pervasive we have to peel back the hood and look to what are we aspiring. So to retruth cool so that it means being generous and empathetic and engaged, that’s a completely different set of things to aspire to.