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International Fashion Model Britt Bergmeister Speaks Up for Sustainable Living

June 20, 2017

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Join me for a trip to the Financial District in Manhattan as I visit model and social activist Britt Bergmeister for a chat on her living room floor. Behind closed doors we get down to the girliest of girly and talk about everything from model life, hormones, women empowerment, sustainable fashion and how we both are just a little bit too obsessive with planning our days.

Learn how modeling has made Britt become the business woman she now is, how she’s constantly learning and wanting to share as she goes, and also how she still to this day is insecure about her body, looks and what she’s supposed to do next (Girls, we’re all in this together…)

Who is Britt?

Britt Bergmeister is an international model from Canada and Co-Founder of ODM/ODC []. With a background in fashion and a newfound obsession with sustainability, she combined her two passions into a company that aims to bring more sustainability to the fashion world. ODM/ODC is a brand and website that shows you how to get that “off-duty model” look, sustainably, with classic staples that never go out of style. When she’s not modeling or building up her new company, Britt enjoys watching and playing basketball, and frequenting visit all of New York’s quirky and cozy coffee shops with friends. She is an avid traveler with an obsession for all things Japanese (she grew up in Tokyo!).  Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Follow her on Instagram: @brittbergmeister or check out her Company: @odmodc,


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