Health, Habits and Good Cravings – A Talk about the Beauty of Food with Model & Integrative Nutritional Health Coach Sandrina Bencomo

July 21, 2017

“Our bodies are beyond wise. Our brains just can’t comprehend it, but believe it –

your body knows what it’s doing!”

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Allergies, digestive issues, fatigue, stress. Unfortunately, these are all terms that are becoming more and more common in today’s world. In my talk with model and integrative nutrition health coach, Sandrina, we put some light on these commonalities and highlight how that doesn’t have to be your destiny,  that you have the power in your hands to decide the life you want to live.

Is it normal to feel tired after we eat, or is that’s just a reality we’ve accepted?  A reality we can change? And how can we connect with our bodies and become each other’s best friend? Sandrina shares some of her valuable coaching advice and teaches us how there’s, for example, no such thing as a bad craving. She also tells us how her own journey to integrative health started and how empowered she felt knowing the power of her life was actually in her own hands.

Who is Sandrina?

Sandrina Bencomo is a beautiful person from the inside out with her roots from Venezuela. She’s a model with Elite Models in New York and she’s also a certified nutrition and health coach. She started her own journey to integrative health when she struggled with a bunch of different things she couldn’t find help for. When she realized there weren’t answers to be given anywhere, she decided to seek them up herself and once and for all gain power over her own life. Today she burns for sharing her knowledge and help other people feel as good as they possibly can.

Sandrina’s Retruth

I want to retruth that people need animal protein and that there is no possible way that you can get enough protein or nutrients if you don’t eat meat. That’s a myth, it’s not a fact.  Don’t believe the myth that you need to eat dairy daily to stay healthy, there is plenty of calcium in vegetables and plenty of protein in plant-based foods. So thinking we need animal-based foods to stay healthy, that’s a myth I want to retruth.


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Sandrina Bencomo at OrganycLove is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in weight loss, increasing energy, improving sleep, reducing stress, healing digestion, enhancing skin (including skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, dry and sensitive skin), solving allergies, and the underlying causes of inflammation and premature aging.

Sandrina creates one-on-one personalized health programs tailor-fit to the client’s goals, lifestyle, and nutritional preferences.

You can contact her at, or  ”

Instagram: OrganycLove & SandrinaBencomo


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