Find Your True Path with Life Coach and Vogue Journalist Judy Godhart

Find Your True Path with Life Coach and Vogue Journalist Judy Godhart August 16, 2017Leave a comment

“At one point I know I need to leave my path and integrate what I’ve learned. Only then can I find my true path.”

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Why should we be grateful for our negative emotions and how do we know when we’re operating from fear? And is it really ok in today’s society to not always be happy?

In this episode with Life Coach and Vogue lifestyle journalist Judy Godhart we cover what’s it’s really like to discover one’s true path. We talk about what happens when you get connected to your inner light, how we can use our negative feelings for something good, and how to find that necessary courage to break free and find your own truth.

Who is Judy?

Judy Godhart is a former journalist for Vogue who left the fashion world behind to dedicate her full time to helping other people. When she worked as a journalist, interviewing leaders and writing multiple articles about wellness and health, she felt an inner calling she couldn’t resist – a calling to follow a path of spiritual growth and to help people thrive.

As a young girl, Judy herself struggled with mind chatter, self-doubt and fear, and she knows what it’s like to feel unfulfilled, restless and unhappy. She went through depression, eating disorder, burnout and isolation, and so finally she decided to find her key to happiness. Today Judy runs her own life coaching business and dedicates her time to help other people be the best they can be.

Read more about Judy and schedule a coaching session at or follow her on Instgram at @judygodhartcoaching

Judy’s Retruth

This is a constant reminder for myself but also for everyone who’s listening: To take challenges that we think of as negative, and turn it into thinking “challenges offers me guidance and growth”.

We see ourselves so often as victims to circumstances, to moods and to other people but in fact, we’re always in the drivings seat of our own lives and we always have the full power of what’s happening in the moment and also the responsibility to take charge of what’s happening. We are the Gods of our own experience, and I think it’s something that’s so important for each of us to really know on a deep level, because everything showing up for us is a result of us creating our own reality.

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