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Episode 028: Heading into the Future of Fashion with Sustainable & Ethical Designer Juan Gerscovich

Episode 028: Heading into the Future of Fashion with Sustainable & Ethical Designer Juan Gerscovich December 6, 2017

“Shopping is like voting. We are consumers the – We control the world!”

Sustainably made denim, naturally dyed fabrics and designs that never go out of style? Those are just a few of the attributes that describe Industry Of All Nations, a brand on a mission to make this world thrive again. Today, meet Juan, the architect designing clothes and half the brain behind IOAN, as we talk about the future of fashion…

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Why is it that all we buy comes from 2 or 3 countries when the entire world should be producing? That’s question Juan asked himself and the whole story behind Industry Of All Nations. a fashion brand on a mission to bring production back to original makers all over the world. IOAN serves as a platform that connects like-minded people and the whole purpose of the brand is to come together as human beings and help each other thrive.

Do you want to know how you can make simple changes in your life to help shift our world into a more sustainable future? Do you care about fashion but still want to do good? Then you’ve definitely found your episode! Stay tuned as Juan and I talk about that and much more, and of course, I promise to leave you on a positive note to make you feel good about the world and empowered to get out there and make some change happen!

Good News Alert

“You walking in here telling me that your water bottle is made of sugar cane and is created with a negative CO2 footprint, those are the kind of news I want to hear every day! I love learning about new products like that, it makes you feel like the world is heading in the right direction.”

The water bottle Juan is talking about comes from Yuhme, and you can find them at 



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