Last night I caught up on the first four episodes in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, this world renowned HBO show that my boyfriend had me power through 6 seasons of so I could “jump on board”, and it finally really hit me why this show is so good. Last night, I truly realized why everyone seems to be so obsessed with this fantasy world, where the only things that seem to matter are sex, wine and killing people in order to win The Throne. Because I realized that it’s not just fairytales and fictions, it’s not just a made-up show, it’s an analogy of what’s really going on in our own world. The real one.

For the few of you (I was up until very recently one of you, so don’t feel bad) who haven’t seen Game of Thrones, it’s a constant event of battles, death and gaining people’s admiration and trust. It’s about the good side fighting the bad side (with both sides doing things that are both good and bad). It’s a show about human love and kingdom loyalty, about breaking hearts and abusing trust. But, most of all, it’s a story about fighting each other in search for power, when a much bigger threat is lurking behind iced walls. What the people of Westeros need to see, is that the only way they will survive in their world is by coming together and fight The Big Threat, but they don’t. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t “believe” in things they haven’t seen, and because it’s much easier to focus on what’s right in front of us (fighting each other and win power) than joining forces to stay alive and live in peace.

Of course, since Season 7 has just begun, it’s thrilling to follow how this will end as the story unfolds. And, since it’s all fiction, you can find comfort in knowing that no matter how many lives are spilled in the show, when you turn off the screen after 53 minutes, your life goes on. That’s the comfort in watching fiction, in diving into a fairytale world, because it’s not real. But, what if it is? What if our world is just as brutal and the underlying truth just as discomforting as the one in Game of Thrones? What if we’re wasting our energy, money, time and lives on fighting each other in the reach for money, power, and success when the truth behind the wall is what we should turn our eyes to and see? What if when we keep killing each other, what we really should do is join forces and help save what’s truly important – our precious, magical world?

Are we too consumed with power, money, and success that we don’t “want to believe” – don’t want to see – the truth we all know is there? The truth where we’re killing our planet and ourselves? They say you can’t awaken those who are pretending to sleep, so I guess my question is – when will we open our eyes and see?

Anne Therese

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