Recipe: Healthy Vegan Brownies (Gluten-Free)

Recipe: Healthy Vegan Brownies (Gluten-Free) January 20, 2018

This vegan and gluten-free brownies are delicious as a healthy dessert option and you can serve it with fruit, berries or why not some vegan ice-cream? They also serve as a nutritious, fulfilling and yummy snack if you want to cut them in pieces and bring on the go! πŸ™‚


1 package/can of black beans (400 g)

2 eggs (see instructions below for vegan β€œegg”)

1 dl or 0.4 cups gluten-free flour (coconut, almond or any kind of gluten-free mix works)

1/2 dl or 0.2 cup cacao

20 dried and pitted dates

3 Tbsp of coconut oil

4 Tbsp of strong coffee

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder

1 pinch of salt

2 Tbsp of chia seeds (for vegan β€œeggs”)

Coconut flakes for β€œbreading”

If you want some extra crunch, add any sort of nuts you may prefer πŸ™‚

Do this:

Approximately an hour before you start, prepare the β€œeggs” by mixing 2 Tbsps of chia seeds with 6 Tbsp of water (1 Tbsp Chia Seed + 3 Tbsp Water = 1 β€œegg” ). Make sure all the seeds are mixed into the water and let swell.

Set the oven to 200 degrees Celsius/ 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Rinse the black beans in cold water and put them in a mixer or, if you use a wand, a big bowl. Add the chia egg mix, dates (make sure they’re pitted!), coffee and coconut oil. Mix until smooth. In a separate bowl, mix flour, cacao, vanilla, baking powder,Β and salt. Blend everything together and mix again until smooth.

Grease a baking pan with coconut oil and sprinkle coconut flakes on the bottom to help the brownie to release from the sides once done. Pour in the mixture, make sure it’s somewhat even, and bake in the middle of the oven for 15 minutes.

You can eat it right away or, as I prefer, put it in the fridge for a few hours once it’s cooled down and you get a bit of a chewier texture!

Enjoy! πŸ˜€