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Episode 002: Planting Micro Seeds of Change with Alok Appadurai

Episode 002: Planting Micro Seeds of Change with Alok Appadurai May 11, 2017

“I really want to demystify what compassion can be in anybody’s life around the world”

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With us on today’s show, we have Alok Appadurai, founder of and certified holistic self-compassion coach. He’s also a Do-Good business and branding consultant, and a feminist, sober, vegan dad.

Alok definitely burns for what he does, and in our 50 min conversation we cover things like:

  • What is compassion fatigue?
  • How do we bring compassion into a modern dialogue for the masses? 
  • Why is self-compassion is so hard yet the foundation of all good, and, 
  • How do you change the motion in your mind from “sacrifice” to that you’re actually gaining? 

Alok shares how the joke “Well, if I don’t die…” started his journey to veganism, and how that was the stepping stone of a whole new outlook on life. He also talks about this social project Good Elephant, his new book with the same title, and how he’s on a passionate mission to help people save the world. 

Make sure to listen to the very end when he shares some true wisdom that anyone can take to heart, and learn from this inspiring man what it can feel like to truly be living. 

I’m so honored to have had Alok on my show, and I’m super excited to now be able to share our conversation with you.


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