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Episode 014: How to Love Yourself & Live Compassionately – A Chat with Model & Sustainable Activist Renee Peters

Episode 014: How to Love Yourself & Live Compassionately – A Chat with Model & Sustainable Activist Renee Peters June 28, 2017

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What does Sustainable Fashion really mean? Like, in a cool and modern way of living? And do sustainability and positive body image go together, or can you play one card without the other? Listen to find out!

Learn how Renee has struggled with society’s image of a “sample size”, and how that at the same time has helped her learn how to love and respect her own body. She shares with us her view on sustainable living, and how adopting such a life actually helped her find her identity and figure out who she truly wants to be. Renee is one of my own super stars and she’s constantly sharing her passion and wisdom via her brand Model4GreenLiving. It’s an honor to have her on Hey Change and, as she put it herself, “pop her podcast cherry”!

Who is Renee Peters?

Renee Peters is a model, living and working in New York City, and an advocate of sustainable living. She strives to be a role model in all that she does, using her platform for positive change. Her blog, Model4GreenLiving, seeks to reshape the way people think about environmental issues and show that it’s cool to care. She uses her social media to send a message of self-love and body-positivity and to encourage mindful, sustainable living. Renee loves to volunteer, is an environmental activist, and a budding philanthropist in her free time.

Renee’s 3 Sustainability Tips:
  1. Watch Documentaries! I really suggest seeing “True Cost” to learn the truth about fast fashion.
  2. Focus on things in your closet that you love and try to really figure out your style.  When you go shopping – try second hand first and then look for brands that are sustainable and that you are willing to invest in, clothes you know you will keep forever.
  3. Check out my website:
Renee’s Retruth:

I would like to retruth that human beings are separate and higher than the rest of the planet. Not to say that humans aren’t incredibly special and beautiful, but to say that our ecosystem – our planet, the animals, the oceans, the earth-  are equally as important, amazing and beautiful. The more connected we are with everything that surrounds us, the happier I’ve become, and it is something I’ve seen with friends and family too. We are not on top of the hierarchy because there is no hierarchy, we’re all the same.

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