Podcast Hey Change

Finding Happiness in New Realities

Welcome to Hey Change, a world where we embrace the unknown, inspire each other, and try to find Happiness in New Realities. This is a place where we don’t like to talk about how bad things are, but rather of how great things could be. 

So what do we like to talk about?

Anything that has to do with innovative design, sustainable fashion, delicious plant-based foods and the mystery that’s called life. My guests span from best-selling authors and fashion designers to inspiring entrepreneurs in their twenties, so the topics can vary quite a bit. However, one thing is for certain, there will be lots of inspiration and positive vibes!

I’ve decided to be a stubborn optimist, simply because I can and also because life is so much more fun this way. So jump on board the wave of change and come be optimistic with me. This world needs some happy, positive and action-driven people!

Can I ask you for a tiny favor?

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Now let the mission begin…

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