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Episode 007: Finding Success by Trusting the Path and Empowering Each Other

Episode 007: Finding Success by Trusting the Path and Empowering Each Other May 24, 2017

“When someone is passionate about something there is usually a positive aura around that person.  I believe that energy attracts others as well as attracting whatever the person needs to fulfill his or her dream. Enthusiasm is contagious, so be the Change you wish to see in the world”

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Dale Noelle is a former fitting model who was for nearly two decades one of the most successful and sought-after talents in her field. She then decided to take things in her own hands, and by managing herself, she soon fell in love with this part of the business and built what is today TRUE Model Management, one of the agencies to be reckoned with in New York.

But it doesn’t stop there. Besides being a TRUE Entrepreneur and bad-ass business woman, Dale is also a passionate philanthropist who strongly believes in giving back to communities and to further enrich the world. Besides being on the board for many good causes, she’s also an advocate for eco-friendly fashion and business, a  certified health coach and an instructor at FIT. With her many talents and passions, she aims to run her model agency a little bit different than everyone else.

If you go on, you find a board of beautiful talents in all shapes and sizes, and Dale uses her expertise within health and wellness to groom her models into representing a healthy image in this otherwise quite harsh industry. And being different doesn’t seem to have made any harm. Dale and TRUE Model still work with some of the strongest fashion names in the game – Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret to only name a few

Dale’s passion is to inspire others to be optimistic, overcome adversity, find the good in any situation, pursue your dreams, and to live a meaningful life.
So here I am, in the TRUE Model Manhattan office at 7th Avenue in New York, and it’s with honor I’m saying Hi and WELCOME to this incredible woman that is Dale Noelle.

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Everything in life is not a competition. Focus on the learning and see everything from a positive light, and identify opportunities over obstacles. View every step of the journey as a challenge and exciting adventures you will experience. Life is all about how you look at things and how you can address the “hard times” when they occur.