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Episode 030: Saving The World One Sip at a Time with The World’s most Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Episode 030: Saving The World One Sip at a Time with The World’s most Eco-Friendly Water Bottle January 10, 2018Leave a comment

Here is the killer question:

“How can we make a difference? To ourselves, our children, and to the lives of others?”

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A reusable water bottle that leaves a negative CO2 footprint on this planet – is it even possible? Turns out it is, and in this episode of change we talk to Alex Nash who, together with her husband (another Alex), started Yuhme; a company creating reusable water bottles made from sugarcane. And not only are they providing the market a product that is absolutely amazing but for each bottle sold they also give 6 months of clean drinking water to someone in need.

Why is plastic so bad for you and what is it actually doing to our planet? How can we create new trends that could turn everything around? Can we even feel consciously good about buying anything anymore or do we have to shut that lifestyle down for good?

As our conversation went on I felt my hope for this planet grow, and I can’t help but feel like we’re starting to really head in the right direction. There are so many possibilities to tap into and so many new areas of knowledge, creativity, and creation to explore. And with people like Alex and Alex around; people that take of their time, energy and passion to do something better for this world, there really isn’t anything we can’t do.

So tune in to get inspired and to learn a thing or two about the plastic and water industry. And, most importantly, learn how you can be a hero as a consumer!

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Get 15 % off your very own Yuhme bottle with the code “HEYCHANGE”

Alex wants to offer all Hey Change listeners a 15 % discount to any purchases made on their website. So become a super hero today – invest in a CO2 negative bottle and give someone else 6 months of clean water, and on top of it all you get 15 % off – YAY!!

Head over to www.yuhme.se and pick your favorite.

Who is Aex?

Alex is one of the co-founders of Yuhme together with her husband Alexander, a company that came as a result of having kids and both of them started to question the world around them and their everyday lives. “They change everything, whether you like it or not. That’s children I mean, and the biggest gift they will give you is perspective.”  

Alex currently also the CEO of a tech company  and a business consultant in her newly started company, Nashified. Besides being the most influential and inspiring female entrepreneur, she’s also a mother of two little girls, Freya and Harlow. Alex  used to be an elite swimmer and went to America on a swimming scholarship when she was 19 where she stayed for 7 years. She now lives with her family in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Learn more about Yuhme at www.yuhme.se

Follow them on Instagram: @ouryuhme and Facebook: @yuhme


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