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Are You Also Chasing Time? How I Decided to Slow Down and Become an Essentialist

Are You Also Chasing Time? How I Decided to Slow Down and Become an Essentialist February 5, 2018Leave a comment

Slow but steady – those are the new words I’m trying to live by. Time to stop chasing time and become an Essentialist.

As an Aries and a fire sign I’ve lived most of my life on the Go, Go, Go!!! and I’m always looking for the next opportunity or the new place or whatever else could be around the corner. And although I love this side of me and embrace if with hunger and excitement, I’ve recently come to terms with myself that I need to slow down. To breath. To feel. To just let things be.

Like most times when I realize I need to implement some changes in my life my body has spoken and said that enough is enough. The past couple of weeks I’ve experienced stress stomach as a result from being on the go from 6:20 in the morning to 9 pm at night, and finding myself always eating as I’m doing something else. I’ve also been stuck in this constant feeling of “not enough” as I”m battling to fit everything into my day. I’ve felt justified in my eating habits and my mental stage of this underlying stress since, you know, I’m doing all these things and chasing my goals and believing in myself and being a girl boss and…. JEEZ of course I’m stressed?

Or, am I?

Because I’m not sure if I actually am, or if I’m just creating this reality for myself? And the more I think about it, the more I slow down and just let myself breath and see things for what they are, I’m starting to realize it’s probaby more of the later.

This morning my boyfriend and I slept in and when I woke up at 8:30 I was still tired. I would’ve normally forced myself to get up but today I let myself close my eyelids again and slowly ease back into dreamland. When we both woke up an hour later I slowly got out of bed, walked over to the kitchen, and started to make some coffee. As the coffee was brewing I prepared my oatmeal, and even though we had decided to get out on a hike before the start of todays game (Super Bowl Sunday), I was too tired to even try to fight the clock. It took me over an hour to finish that bowl of oatmeal and I can’t remember the last time I sat down for that long to just eat. And after we ate we made another round of coffee and continued our slow but steady, so well-needed, Sunday breakfast. Because for once ,we let ourselves just be.

And guess what? In some magical way we had time to go for an almost 2 hour long walk, get lunch in town, and still make it in time for the game! Almost like magic… or is it?

By inviting a new version of me, one that is slowing down and deciding to embrace time, I’m putting my health first and heading into a new kind of reality. A reality where time is and always will be right here, and the more I try to chase it, the more I’ll feel it slip away. I’m realizing that it will force me into becoming an essentialist; someone who carefully chooses in each moment what is actually important, and by doing so make sure I get the most value out of my time. And that that, sometimes, comes with doing one thing over the other. But in a world where we can have anything and do everything, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just pick one thing and to do it right? And more importantly, to actually enjoy and feel the value of what we’re doing?

Time to Become an Essentialist

Our bodies are so smart and I’ve decided to listen this time. Health is about so much more than just the amount of hours we can squeeze into the gym or the food with which we fuel our bodies; it’s also about the thoughts we think and the relationships we share with ourselves. We’re creating our realities through the way we approach our days and through the way in which we cherish (or not cherish) every moment. So what’s your reality like? How do your treat the best friend that is You? What do you tell her? What stories in your everyday life do you share? Are you noticing the small things or are you too busy just running by?

I don’t know how you feel or if you’ve ever dealt with something like this, but in my world, in this cherished moment, it’s time I change the way I think about time. It’s time I slow down and start making some important choices; choices that will make me thrive both body and mind and that will allow me to enjoy the journey that I travel – the journey that is life!

Time to become an Essentialist.


For mor inspiration on how to live a happy and more balanced life, I highly recommend you check out my podcast interview with Mo Gawdat, author of the book Solve For Happy.

I also reccomend the awesome book Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursue of Less by Greg McKeown. That book honestly taught me sooo much about life!!

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