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Episode 032: Staying Happy & Mindful in A World of Social Media

Episode 032: Staying Happy & Mindful in A World of Social Media February 13, 2018Leave a comment

Is social media taking over your life too? Is it sometimes making you stressed out or have you feel like you’re “missing out”? In today’s talk with lifestyle blogger Amanda Holstein we try to uncover how we can balance our use of social media and to still live happy and mindful lives!

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Like most other 20 somethings, Amanda found herself at a typical desk job as her first job out of college, working as a receptionist at an ad agency in New York. Bored out of her mind she thought there must be more fun and creative ways out there to make a career (and money,) so she found herself diving into the world of blogging. Being inspired by some of the early bloggers out there she decided to try it out herself and, needless to say, her career shift turned out to be quite a successful one! She has now run her lifestyle blog Advice From a 20 Somethings for almost 7 years, and she spend her days writing blog posts, styling shoots and answering questions about life in your twenties.

Amanda agreed to join me for a conversation on Hey Change to share some of the things we all want to know about bloggers (what’s the life of a blogger actually like??) as well as some career tips and other life lessons that she’s learned through her twenties. But most of all we got together to talk about something I find to be very important; social media.

Because how important is social media really and when do we know it’s gone overboard? How much are we actually comparing ourselves to others? Is it ok as an influencer to only show the highlights of her life or does that make her “fake”? Amanda and I try to cover those questions as we both share our thoughts and feelings about the love-hate relationship to Instagram and how important it is to find your balance. We also try to uncover the important question: “Does social media make you less happy” and if so, how can you change your relationship with it to make sure it isn’t so?

So tune in for a one-on-one with blogger and social media expert Amanda Holstein for a fun and inspiring chat in San Fransisco. And try to maybe reflect a little too – how are you using Instagram? What kind of people are you following and how many hours are you on it? Does it make you feel uplifted or inspired or, on the contrary, like you’re just a boring everyday person missing out on life? Because remember – life is right here right now and it’s only as good as you decide to make it. Use Instagram and other social media platforms for inspiration, connections, and as a creative outlet to express your true self, but never degrade your life  because you’re comparing yourself to others. BECAUSE THEIR LIFE IS NOT AS PERFECTLY PUT TOGETHER AS IT LOOKS (yes, we will cover this too!!)


And please, if you have any thoughts about the subject or about any other thing, honestly, write a comment here or contact me directly. I would love to hear from you!

Find Amanda:

Blog: www.advicefromatwentysomething.com

Instagram: @advicefroma20something


Thank you so much to The Assembly in San Fransisco for letting us use your beautiful vicinity to record this podcast! Check out The Assembly SF at www.theassembly.com


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