Episode 031: Sustainable Yoga Wear? Learn Why You Should Care with Lifestyle & Fashion Brand Vyayama

Episode 031: Sustainable Yoga Wear? Learn Why You Should Care with Lifestyle & Fashion Brand Vyayama January 28, 20182 Comments

“First and foremost it’s a fashion brand, not an eco-brand, so the clothes are designed with the thought to be able to use it at all times!”

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Do you care about your health? Do you find it important to work out, eat right and stay mindful and balanced? Then my next question is, have you ever asked yourselves what’s in your clothes? Because if you haven’t, you might wanna start doing that now!

Did you know that the garments that we wear are filled with tons of toxins and that the skin, which is our body’s biggest organ, absorbs all that? I mean, especially when we’re working out and the pores are wide open? How is it that we know so much about the food we put in our bodies, the products we apply on our skin, and the energies we surround ourselves with in terms of co-workers and friends, but no-one talks about the fact that we’re wearing toxins basically all day? How crazy is that?

If you, like me, didn’t know too much about this, I highly recommend that you check out this episode with Annette, the Design Director at Ethical & Sustainable active-wear brand Vyayama.

Vyayama is an ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘physical exercise’, which is a perfect name for this awesome brand. Vyayama came to life when the founders saw a gap on the market for yoga wear and other active apparel that are kind to both the planet, your skin and your overall health. They wanted to be able to wear something that felt as healthy and authentic as their daily practices but were surprised to learn that those clothes simply didn’t exist. I mean, who wants to wear yoga pants that are made from oil and, therefor, filled with toxins?? I know for sure I don’t, and the founders of Vyayama felt the same way!

Tune in to today’s episode to learn how they have innovated their own custom-made, natural, plant-based, performance fabrics; fabrics that are used to create sustainable clothes that you can actually feel good about wearing. All Vyayama’s clothes are designed to be used at all times – in the yoga studio, at home or for a coffee downtown – and all I can say to that is “Hell ya!”

So listen to find out why you, too, should start asking questions about the fabrics in our clothes. I hope Annette and are able to leave you with a feeling of hope and inspiration, knowing that there are brands out there making it easier for us customers to find and shop ethical and responsibly made clothes!

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Who is Annette

Annette is a Swedish native who’s currently based in New York. She has a Masters in Fashion from London College of Fashion and spent her early days in fashion at Stella McCartney. Today she’s Director of Design and Innovative Sustainability at VYAYAMA and she also enjoys physical exercise, eco-travel, and delicious vegan foods.

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