Let’s Retruth The World

I believe that our resistance to change comes from the fact that we’re living according to our own “truths”, truths that are so ingrained in our core values that we don’t even know they’re there. It’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes we just gotta find it in us to question the truth and try to see that world from a new set of eyes. You know, pause for a moment and ask ourselves if the way we live is actually the best way, or if we can shift our mindsets a little and move into an even happier and more sustainable future. In other words, we need to learn how to retruth.

Yes, it’s a word and yes, I just made it up. So now it exists, feel free to use it! See definition below:

(Re-truthing – i.e. redefining “truth”)


The willingness to questions what is, and to let go of ideas, thoughts, and perceptions as they have lived in our heads up until now, in order to create a sustainable and more compassionate future.

‘Retruthing’ refers to one’s ability to understand that things and circumstances always change and that it is our duty as human beings to adapt to the flow of change; to constantly find ourselves in new worlds, communities, and realities; new “truths”.