Wall of Retruths

Wall of Retruths

For every guest I interview, I will ask them to “Re-truth” something, and below is that magical wall of my guests retruths.

So what’s Retruthing? Well, it’s a word I made up myself because I simply felt it was missing in the dictionary and it’s, in my opinion, the start of a better and more conscious world. You find my definition of the word below 🙂

(Re-truthing – i.e. redefining “truth”)


The willingness to questions what is, and to let go of ideas, thoughts, and perceptions as they have lived in our heads up until now, in order to create a sustainable and more compassionate future.

‘Retruthing’ refers to one’s ability to understand that things and circumstances always change and that it is our duty as human beings to adapt to the flow of change; to constantly find ourselves in new worlds, communities, and realities; new “truths”.

Zero-Sum-Games: Most things that are presented as zero-sum-games usually aren’t in the long term. These are thoughts like Us vs Them, Country X vs Country Y, running out of resources etc… Zero-sum-games: Winners vs Losers, is really a way of implanting anxiety into the world; a way of dominating other people. You should never accept somebody else’s zero-sum-thinking. Instead, you should always challengee and force yourself question people with that mindset.

Love is not a zero-sum-game, which I’ve learned from own experiences. Thinking about love that way makes you envious, jealous, and bitter. There’s no end to how much you can give, love and compliment. You can help other people all the time without it hurting you in any way.

Accompanying Quote:

“A candle looses nothing from lightning another candle. If anything it just get’s lighter in the room.”

Your illness doesn’t define you, your strength does. Life happens. When you get a knock, you get up, dust yourself down and get on with it. Only because you don’t get better, you don’t have to be bitter. Because your illness doesn’t define you, your strength does. And yes, your illness is real, but so is hope.

Everything in life is not a competition. Focus on the learning and see everything from a positive light, and identify opportunities over obstacles. View every step of the journey as a challenge and exciting adventures you will experience. Life is all about how you look at things and how you can address the “hard times” when they occur.

Happiness leads to success, not the other way around. Research shows that happy people are more productive, more accepted and more trusted, which means you will do your best doing what you love. Happiness is the default setting that we were supposed to operate from as humans. So I urge people to make happiness their priority and to have everything else follow.When you do that, I guarantee that you will be more successful, more loving, and more loved.

How one perceives beauty. How men perceive feminine beauty, and how women perceive masculine beauty. Beauty in its super-official sense is not the actual definition of beauty, it’s more of like a spiritual essence.

Being a vegan mom and raising a vegan child is awesome. People think that it’s bad for your child but it’s not, and both I and my daughter are living proof of that breastfeeding and raising a child on a plant-based diet is not only not bad, but in fact very healthy and beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Treat yourself and your child with respect and only accept good, cruelty-free and healthy foods.

I would like to retruth that human beings are separate and higher than the rest of the planet. Not to say that humans aren’t incredibly special and beautiful, but to say that our ecosystem – our planet, the animals, the oceans, the earth-  are equally as important, amazing and beautiful. The more connected we are with everything that surrounds us, the happier I’ve become, and it is something I’ve seen with friends and family too. We are not on top of the hierarchy because there is no hierarchy, we’re all the same.

I’d like to redefine cool. Cool is pervasive, cool is everywhere. It’s in our lexicon, it’s in our advertising, it’s our ultimate aspiration. And when something is so pervasive we have to peel back the hood and look to what are we aspiring. So to retruth cool so that it means being generous and empathetic and engaged, that’s a completely different set of things to aspire to.

I want to retruth that change is hard. If you look at any movement around the world and in history, change occurred very slowly and very intentionally, and almost accidentally. You can manifest things that you never thought were possible. I don’t wanna say that change is easy, but that the retruth is that change is easeful. That we need to be thinking of change in terms of incremental steps but that it is inevitable, and it’s something very exciting and empowering about that. It gives us the opportunity to dismantle the rules – because there are no rules. We make up the rules.

I want to retruth that people need animal protein and that there is no possible way that you can get enough protein or nutrients if you don’t eat meat. That’s a myth, it’s not a fact.  Don’t believe the myth that you need to eat dairy daily to stay healthy, there is plenty of calcium in vegetables and plenty of protein in plant-based foods. So thinking we need animal-based foods to stay healthy, that’s a myth I want to retruth.

I tend to think about retruthing as a process. So when I think about retruthing I think about implementing something in a process that I call radical listening, when you take your whole body and try to tune into a new idea – in a full body way; Psychically, emotionally, and physically, and you just engage with it in a way that you may not have had the experience before.

It’s about being compassionate to other people and just being really open and trying to hear what other people are telling us. Both in a politically way and even just in our daily lives – listening to our neighbors, friends, family etc. Really trying to open ourselves up to compassion in a deeper way, that’s something we’re really called upon today.

The idea that one person can’t make a change. I think that that has actually been my biggest fear this whole journey of creating Reve, believing that I as an individual don’t have the capacity to do enough. But when I look back on what I’ve been able to achieve over the last 4 years, I know I’ve done some good.

I mean, look at Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and right now Elon Musk. They’ve really been showing us that yes, a single individual can really have a huge impact on the world, and never think that you can’t be that individual

This is a constant reminder for myself but also for everyone who’s listening: To take challenges that we think of as negative, and turn it into thinking “challenges offers me guidance and growth”.

We see ourselves so often as victims to circumstances, to moods and to other people but in fact, we’re always in the drivings seat of our own lives and we always have the full power of what’s happening in the moment and also the responsibility to take charge of what’s happening. We are the Gods of our own experience, and I think it’s something that’s so important for each of us to really know on a deep level, because everything showing up for us is a result of us creating our own reality.

I want to retruth the idea of age and how it relates to health. There’s this idea of health where people think that “if I can run this far or  if I have this type of body, then I am healthy, and I need to do it then, because the clock is ticking.” But if you have a drinking problem or eating fast food and will die at 60 due complications from your lifestyle, and you’re now 22, who is younger – you or someone who is 30 and will live until he’s 90?

If you lay out your life and look at it from how much percentage you’ve already lived, that person is actually younger than you. So this idea of that “I’m too old or it’s too late” – it’s wrong. Age is relative to how long your life is, and that makes age a personal journey!
If you want to live a long and healthy life and expand that lifespan, invest now! Start taking care of yourself, now! The clock is ticking. So what I want to make different of truth then, and what I want to ask you listening, is – How old are you?

My thoughts about animal protein. I was thinking for 27 years that you need to eat animals to survive but of course, now being vegan, I’ve changed my mind about that. I’m still alive, I can still walk, and breath and talk and all that, so basically my retruth is “You can survive without animal protein.”