Welcome to Hey Change Podcast

Welcome to Hey Change – The Podcast for Inspiration & Positive News

Welcome to Hey Change – The Podcast for Inspiration & Positive News March 21, 2017

Hey Change – The Podcast where we try to find Happiness in New Realities


This is a podcast. 

This is a place for inspiration; a medium for positivity, hope and good news.

This is for you.

Welcome to Hey Change – a world filled with possibilities, information, and good vibes; a place where we can question the truth and look at the world with a new set of eyes. A place where we learn new things and grow, and where we can inspire each other to find Happiness in New Realities.

My mission with this podcast is to inspire you to wanna be a strong, happy and independent human being, someone who understands that we have the power as individuals to really make a change.

With this podcast: Hey Change – Finding Happiness in New Realities, I want to inspire you to embrace curiosity, happiness, and positivity, as well as promote an ethical, just and sustainable way of life!

The moment is now and the choice is in your hands. Who do you want to be? How do you want to live your life? What differences do you want to be a part and are you living a happy life?

Stay curious, stay happy, and let’s get ready to get out there and embrace some change!

Xo, Anne Therese